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​Karner Ayako

Born in Hokkaido in 1983.
After graduating from college, he worked in various types of relaxation massages and beauty salons.
Currently, he is the owner therapist of an Indian massage house salon in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Nice to meet you,
I'm Ayako from Salon Carner, an Indian massage house.
Why am I doing this salon on this page? Why Indian style treatment?
I'm spelling out my feelings for the salon.
It's a long sentence, but if you have time, please read it to the end.

[Yoga has become a turning point in life]

In retrospect, when I was thirty, I ran into the wall of sadness in my life and became insomniac for several months.

I didn't want to take sleeping pills even if I couldn't sleep, I wanted to return to my normal life with natural remedies and my own strength.


...... You can't rely on people or things for complete happiness.

It hasn't been around for a long time, and it will be gone someday.

Even if you get something, you will not lose your anxiety, and if you lose it, you will be hurt.

There was always something unfulfilled in my life.

How can it be completely satisfied ...

I wanted to be myself who couldn't be swayed by the things around me.



So I somehow went to a yoga studio in my neighborhood and took part in a yoga class.

"fun! 』\



Going to yoga was just right for me, and I fell in love with it, so I went there almost every day.

(Thanks to the good teachers I met)



When I realized it, I found something I liked that I was crazy about.

I can sleep normally every day, and I am in good physical condition and enjoy my own life.

[I want to spread the goodness of yoga and Indian oil massage]


I want to live a yoga life in India, the sanctuary of yoga

First trip to India in 2014.

This is where my Indian life begins.

I learned that many Ayurvedic teachings are incorporated into people's daily lives in India.


After I went to India, I started to live in Ayurvedic oil massage in addition to yoga.

And I realized the necessity, importance and great power of oil massage in Ayurveda!

It was a very pleasant life to be physically and mentally healthy with Indian oil massage and yoga.


So I have created a healthy body and mind base in my Indian life.

And I was able to take care of myself with Indian massage and yoga

"I want to spread this wonderful traditional Indian massage",

♢ Participate in a basic lecture camp for Dr. Ayurveda in South India

♢ Take a practical training course on oil massage by Dr. Ayurveda in East India

♢ Get a yoga teacher course in North India

You can now teach yoga for someone

"This time I can help someone! ] ,

Incorporating the Indian style into the massage work I have done so far, I decided to open a massage and yoga house salon.



"For those who are in trouble or need healing due to physical or mental disorders like myself.

I want to support you from the bottom of my heart with an Indian-style treatment that I thought was really good. "


With that in mind, I started an Indian massage salon.

[Carner's feelings]

I'm glad that many customers who come to Carner are bright and light when they return from their tired and heavy facial expressions.

Customers who couldn't sleep well at night slept soundly at night! I'm always happy to be told.


I amWe will provide you with a special time for your cheerful and happy smile.

The carner of the house salon is a place where even first-time customers can feel at ease.

A private salon that you can go to for a long time to heal your tiredness and recover your customers.

It will be a comfortable place for those seeking healing

We will be close to you as a reassuring and reliable practitioner.

With that in mind, I have an Indian massage salon.

We look forward to seeing everyone's smiles at Carner.

At the house salon carner

I hope you can see everyone's happy smiles ...!

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