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​8 minutes from the north exit of Musashi-Nakahara Station
From the north exit of Nakabaru Station, walk on the southern highway to the right (toward Kosugi) for 7 minutes.
​Passing Lawson, FamilyMart, Nakau on the way
There is also Lawson,
The first signboard of the parking lot of Sugi Pharmacy, go through the overpass with Takkyubin across the road as your back
It is the 4th house to enter the residential area from the nearby T-shape.
You can see the Indian flag.
18 minutes from the north exit of Musashi-Kosugi Station on the JR Nambu Line
​Musashi-Kosugi Station has many lines, and other lines are far away. Please come to the north exit of the JR Nambu Line
From the north exit, turn left
Matsukiyo Gusto
Walk 16 minutes to the left (towards Nakahara) on the southern highway of the big street. On the way, pass Kentucky, clothes Aoyama, Bamiyan
​With the second signboard of the parking lot of Sugi Pharmacy, Takkyubin across the road as your back, go through the elevated railroad track and enter the narrow road in the residential area.
​You can see the Indian flag at the 4th house

​Nearby coin parking is next to Sugi Pharmacy and behind Workman


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