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Take in things that are good for you from natural things. It works on the cell tissues of the body.

The power of plants is amazing!

It can be used for skin and body pain.

What you eat and what you put on your skin becomes your blood, your flesh, your bones, and your body.

That's why I want you to take in something that is good for you.

​[Strengthen your mind and body]


・ Improves stress adaptability
Lots of things to do
・ Rejuvenation
・ Joint and muscle fatigue and inflammation
・ Improvement of athletic ability
・ High blood pressure
・ Diabetes

[ Antibacterial / detoxification / purification]


・ Suppress inflammation and pain
・ Sterilization and disinfection
・ Blood purification
・ Skin disease, acne, itching
・ Toothpaste, soap, hair restorer
・ Insect repellent

[Activates brain and hair root]

​[Relax and longevity, diet]


​(Gotu Kola)
・ Clarify the brain and improve memory
・ Diuresis, detoxification
・ Strength and kidney function improvement
・ Capillary enlargement, blood circulation
・ Promotion of hair growth
・ Cardiovascular system such as swelling of legs and varicose veins
・ Strengthen the skin
・ Stabilizes the central nervous system and relieves insomnia and depression
(Holy Basil)
・ Anti-stress, relaxation
・ Antiviral, antibacterial
・ Improvement of digestion and absorption
・ Stomach symptoms
・ Diabetes
・ Insect repellent
[Women's strong ally]
・ Prepare female hormones
Improvement of irregular menstruation, menopause, menstrual pain
・ Easy delivery during pregnancy, boosting fetal immunity
・ Improve milk production after childbirth.
・ Indigestion
・ Frail constitution
[Constipation, diarrhea, digestion improvement, burning body fat]
Turipara (3 fruits)
[Promotion of digestion and intestinal regulation]
Bilva fruit
・ Toxin excretion in the colon
・ Asthma, bronchitis
/ ・ Emit gas in the intestines
・ Stress-induced diarrhea and constipation
・ Colitis
・ Breast cancer prevention
​・ Relieves swelling that works on the kidneys
・ High iron content
・ Antipyretic
・ Rejuvenation
・ Hair growth
・ Prevention of dandruff and gray hair
・ Eyeball
・ Stimulates the intestines strongly
Constipation, diarrhea, gas
・ Promotion of digestion
・ Kidney and liver function
​ ·anemia
[Excessive water is produced by diuretic action]
Punal Nava
·Renal function
・ Swelling
​ ·Kidney stone
​・ Diabetes
[Natural sodium with a scent of sulfur]
Curler Namak (Black Salt)
・ Plenty of minerals
・ Prevents muscle spasms and vines
・ Bloating, acidic stomach, heartburn
・ Respiratory problems
・ Blood circulation
[Next to the cash register of the Indian curry shop]
・ Indigestion due to overeating and drinking too much
・ Produces gastrointestinal gas
・ Cough, runny nose
・ Improve milk output
・ Eye upset
・ Hypersensitive intestines
[Colon cleansing of sticky accumulated stool]
Sonamuki (Indian Senna)
・ Laxative to clean the intestines
・ Indigestion, loss of appetite
・ Rheumatoid arthritis, gout
* Note * If you take a large amount for a long period of 2 weeks or more, the intestines will not work properly.
​[If taken before meals, it destroys sugar]
Mesha Shringi (Gimnema)
・ Block the absorption of sugar
Suppress the rise in blood sugar
・ Suppresses lipid absorption
・ Paralyzes the taste of sweetness
・ Overdose of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and sweetness
[Lower blood sugar]
Carrera (bitter gourd)
・ Blood toxin removal and purification
・ Improves blood circulation and improves skin problems such as rash and acne
・ Stimulates the liver and secretes bile acids for fat metabolism
・ Rich in vitamins to boost immunity
・ Diabetes with an action similar to insulin
[For expensive pistils / stains, bears, and cosmetology]
Kunkuma (saffron)
[Inducing stress insomnia and healthy sleep]
・ Sedates anxiety, tension and stress
・ Tranquilize and relax
・ Rheumatoid arthritis
・ Abdominal weight, loss of appetite
・ Lower blood pressure
* Note * If you take more than the appropriate amount, you may have low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and nausea.
* Note * Overdose is a side effect of headache, dizziness, hot flashes, and loss of appetite.
When cooking, the upper limit of the appropriate amount per day is 50 bottles 0.1-0.3g
・ Activates the central nervous system and retains memory
・ Adolescent stunting
・ Alopecia
・ Cold, fever, cough
・ Stomach problems
・ Blood smooth
​・ Irregular menstruation, menopausal gynecological symptoms
・ Protect from UV rays
・ Thin stains and bears
[For skin care that is indispensable for Indian food]
Khalidler (Turmeric, Autumn Turmeric)
・ Cold prevention, mouthwash
・ Because it suppresses inflammation, sterilizes and analgesics
Insect bites, burns, hemorrhoids, wounds
・ Liver function, hangover prevention
・ Anti-aging due to antioxidant effect
Beauty effects such as whitening, stains and wrinkles
・ Indigestion, stomach, nausea
* Note * Overdose has side effects on the digestive tract
Avoid if you have stomach problems such as excess stomach acid
Refrain from liver problems.
[Cooling fragrances and excess heat to calm the mind]
Chandan (sandalwood)
・ Relax your body
・ Inflammation and infection of the urinary system
・ Insect repellent
・ Cool and relax your brain
・ Improve concentration
・ Relax muscle cramps and muscle contractions
・ Reduces skin infections and itchiness
・ Lower blood pressure
・ Tightening of soft tissues of gums and skin
・ Dry skin, open pores, acne, itching, after sunburn, after insect bites,
​Pinda oil Topically used oil
Arthritis, gout, swelling, pain, calming and cooling action, pain associated with varicose veins, muscle cramps, heat syndrome of the feet, more than sensation of the feet, pain in the feet with tenderness and stiffness in the morning
Dawn Vantalum Oil
It strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and protects the nervous system. Good for pain, numbness and swelling such as arthritis, knee pain and back pain. Balance female hormones. Prevents the strength of holding the foetation during pregnancy with stretch marks for recovery of the uterus and recovery of skin elasticity after childbirth. Endometriosis, facial paralysis, myalgia, rheumatism, sciatica,
Kushi Lavaler Oil
Made from milk and sesame oil, with bala herbs as the main ingredient. It is a nerve tonic that relieves pain and irritation. Muscle pain, stiffness, inflammation, swelling, repair of damaged tissue, rejuvenation. Nourishes nerves, brain, spinal cord, bones and muscles. Headache, arthralgia, gout, sciatica
Cottan Chukerdi Oil
Ayurvedic oil whose main ingredient is Kottan (Soshrea Rappa). Reduces muscle aches, arthritis, sciatica, neck and ankle, wrist sprains, tennis elbow, joint stiffness, and restricted movement.
Barrache Vaganda Oil
The main ingredient is vitality-enhancing herbs. Improves headache, fever, weakness, lack of strength in muscles, joints and bones, blood quality. Ashvaganda increases resistance to stress. Slow down aging due to aging.
Mahana Rayana Oil
​Strengthens muscles, bones and joints. It has a sedative effect and is effective for joint inflammation, muscle fatigue, and knee pain. Pain relief is faster with oral ingestion than with external use. Facial nerve paralysis, hearing loss, temporomandibular joint disorder, headache, toothache, fever, infertility, intestinal gas and bloating. When oil is taken orally, digestion is weak, and when it is not tolerated, it has side effects such as heartburn and loss of appetite.
Neely Brun Gaddy Head Massage Oil
Improves hair quality. Hair oil to use for split ends, early white hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair growth promotion, hair loss problems, alopecia.
Branmy Head Massage Oil
Soothes brain cell activation, anxiety, tension, etc. Reduces headaches, insomnia and dizziness and increases attention. Supports healthy hair growth.
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